For most of us, our world has been turned upside down these days. Some of us continue to work by providing essential services to our communities, while others have the opportunity to work from home. Another slice of the population has been laid off indefinitely or temporarily. For us here at the Columbia Pacific Food Bank, we are being agile and flexible as we tackle new challenges daily.

As your regional food bank, we have historically distributed 12 tons of food weekly to Columbia County. Due to this pandemic, we are setting record-breaking numbers. Last week we delivered 13.5 tons of food. We have new clients that are walking through our doors every day. Our phones are ringing off the hook from folks that have never used a local food pantry and the gratitude in their voices is heard loud and clear. This is a call to action. WE NEED YOUR HELP. During April we are finding the humor in the TP craze and raising funds to WIPEOUT HUNGER in Columbia County. These funds will go directly to purchasing food to serve our community.

So how can you help? For every donation of $25.00 or more, your name will be placed on our TP Wall of Fame at our future home building window. This display of giving will live for the month of April and will be a fun way to pay tribute to all our generous donors and TP fanatics. Please consider a donation in the light of wiping out hunger in Columbia County.