Work at Columbia Pacific Food Bank:

Our Mission: To provide access to healthy food and resources.

Our Vision: To end hunger in Columbia County.

Columbia Pacific Food Bank (CPFB) is the regional food bank located in St. Helens.   We participate in the Oregon Food Bank Network of Regional Food Banks. Our own distribution network includes partner agencies in Vernonia, Scappoose, St. Helens, Rainier and Clatskanie.

What We Do:

Food Distribution

We distribute food throughout the county so that those in need have access to healthy, nutritious, food.

Nutrition Education

We provide access to resources such as nutrition education, cooking classes and gardening classes.

Economic Development

We support economic development within the county to create family wage jobs as a long-term solution to overcome food insecurity.


We provide advocacy centered on hunger issues.

We Accomplish Our Mission By:

  • Soliciting, collecting, preparing, and packaging food for distribution through our network of partner agencies and programs.

  • Working to fight hunger’s root causes through education, public awareness, and community advocacy.

  • Donations! We appreciate your donations. Anything you give goes directly to those who need help. Click here to donate!

Founded in 1998, the Columbia Pacific Food Bank distributes an average of 16 tons of food each week throughout the county via food pantries; community meals; senior centers; and backpack, brown bag, domestic violence and children’s programs.

We serve 1 in 4 individuals in Columbia County through our programs. 31% of our clients are children, 41% are adults, 22% are seniors, and a large percentage of our clients are working families.

Our Company Culture:

As a social-impact and mission-driven organization, our culture is inclusive, diverse and unique in its own way. We are all passionate about our individual set of skills, gifts and  talents that collectively come together to support our mission and vision.

Our company culture is:


  • We are committed to challenging the status quo of the traditional workforce and business as usual.
  • We are committed to growth, innovation and doing things differently.
  • We value creativity, the pursuit of knowledge and the sharing of expertise that results in social justice.
  • As resources permit, we seek to provide opportunities for employees to learn and grow personally and professionally.
  • We maintain an environment of creativity and innovation in the pursuit of excellence.


  • We are deeply committed to investing in diversity and inclusion, and creating an inclusive workplace culture that fosters psychological safety for everyone.
  • We acknowledge that and respect different socioeconomic identities and everyone’s lived experiences.
  • We value active listening and learning; and greatly appreciate the worth and diversity of all key stakeholders –  including our staff, our clients, our donors, our agency partners and our volunteers.


  • We are committed to being good stewards of our resources, creating new ways to improve our services and effectively utilizing community support that sustains our work.
  • We are also committed to the mental, emotional, physical and psychological well-being of our employees. Therefore we honor rest over hustle culture, and you will get sub-zero brownie points for working on a Sunday.


  • We offer a  flexible work environment, and a generous PTO policy because, let’s face it – life happens and nothing ever goes according to plan.

Casual & Humorous

  • Ditch the corporate suit and tie. Wear a trucker hat, jeans and your favorite T-shirt in the office – or anything that makes you feel comfortable, and makes you feel like you.
  • We take our work seriously and we balance our work with fun – including injecting a lot of humor and real-life talk into our daily team conversations.


  • We believe in the importance of our mission and that only a united and committed workforce can fulfill that mission. Therefore we embody a spirit of collaboration over competition.
  • Our volunteers, our donors, our staff, our board members and our partner are the lifeforce behind the day to day operations of our organization, we could not do this work without each other.
  • We value and acknowledge the diverse talents, backgrounds, passions, contributions and abilities of our entire community.

Folks who are queer, trans, non-binary, people of color, disabled, parents, immigrants, and anyone who is/has experienced systemic oppression or gender-based violence are encouraged to apply.

Current Openings:

There are currently no job openings available. Please sign up below for our newsletter OR follow our Facebook page to be the first one to know when we have a new job opening.

Columbia Pacific Food Bank strives to be an equity focused, inclusive employer and stands against inequality, injustice, hate, discrimination, and systemic racism.

We are  deeply committed to investing in diversity and inclusion, and standing up for what is just, inclusive, loving & equitable.

Columbia Pacific Food Bank is a proud member of Feeding America and the Oregon Food Bank Network.

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