We are back for another round of Getting Sloppy with the Food Bank Aug 5, 2021

Watch it live on Facebook Thursday, August 5th, at 6:30 pm

What the heck is Getting Sloppy? Sometimes we have produce that is past its prime or damaged. We have local pig farmers that pick up this slop to feed their livestock. For this event, we are mashing up some of that mushy, sticky, over-ripe product and it’s getting dumped over the head of one of our contestants!

Who gets the slop? That is up to you! We have three contestants and whichever one raises the LEAST amount of donations between July 29 and August 5, that’s right they only have one week, gets the slop.

So, do your part! Donate below and don’t forget to choose who to apply your donation to. The more that person raises the safer they are from the slop! Or perhaps you WANT your favorite contestant to get slopped. Then apply your donation to one of their competitors. Either way, all proceeds go towards feeding hungry individuals and families in Columbia County.

Last year it was a tie with both Mayor Bob and Commissioner Alex getting the slop. Check out last years video here skip to minute six to see the slop getting dumped! Needless to say, the pigs were really happy!

Meet The Getting Sloppy 2021 Contestants!

Columbia Food Bank CP logo

Ali Hasenkamp

“Mother, Realtor, Community Enthusiast – Mama of 3 girls, running a kick-butt real estate gig, while pouring into her community as much as she can”

Columbia Food Bank CP logo

Josh Poling

“Grocery Manager and Business Community Member working to feed his community for 23 years!”

Columbia Food Bank CP logo

Joshua Boyer

“Joshua can always be found with a cup of coffee in his hand and a smile on his face. Joshua took part in “Be Rich”, a campaign put on by Branches Church in Scappoose, where the church was able to volunteer and raise funds for local non-profits in the Columbia county area. Through that campaign it became very apparent that there is a desperate need in Columbia County that the Food Bank has been striving to meet! Now with the “Getting Sloppy” event this August Joshua was more than willing to “Get Sloppy” for the amazing impact the Columbia County Food bank has made in the Scappoose and St. Helens area!”

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