We would like to recognize Ronda for volunteering with us for the past couple of years. When Covid-19 hit Ronda asked if she could put in more time due to the increase in individuals using our services. When asked what she loves most about volunteering, she said that she loves putting together the food boxes and stocking the shelves with canned food in pantry. Physical activity has always been a jam of hers so sweating a bit to help others has been a blast lately.

Pictured here is Ronda in the entryway of our St. Helens Food Pantry where she greets clients and assists them with getting an emergency food box. You can’t see her smile under the mask that she is sporting, but you can hear it in her voice as she talks to others. Rhonda makes the experience authentic and warm for all those that come to our H.E.L.P. Food Pantry and we can’t thank her enough for her kind spirit and strong work ethic.

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